Township of Enniskillen

Living in the Township of Enniskillen

Almost 3,200 people call Enniskillen home in more than 1,100 households. The area is about 340 square kilometers or about 82,000 acres of highly productive farmland. There are two residental hamlets within the township, including Oil City and Marthaville.

The municipality of Enniskillen is located in the heart of Lambton County.

The discovery of oil in 1858, that changed the course of Enniskillen Township’s history, making it the birthplace of oil in North America! Even today, more than 150 years later, many oil fields continue to produce “black gold” for the important petro-chemical industry of Lambton County.

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Industry and Community Highlights

  • Agriculture
  • Oil Industry
  • Conservation Area

Average Temperatures

Season Average Maximum Average Minimum
Summer 26°C 16°C
Winter -1°C -10°C

Housing Costs

Type Purchase
House $173,193

Travel Times

Destination Time
Average time to Toronto 2h 53 min
Average time to Detroit 1h 32 min

Cultural Groups

Location Language
US 1.00%
UK 1.00%
Germany 1.00%
Netherlands 1.00%