Publicly Funded School System

In Ontario, publicly funded education is available to all children attending elementary and secondary school. In Sarnia-Lambton there is also an option to enroll your children in a private school which will require you to pay tuition fees.

All children in the province of Ontario are legally obligated to attend school from the ages of 6-18. Schools are generally divided into elementary (primary) school and secondary (high school). Elementary schools provide junior and senior kindergarten classes for children aged 4 and 5, and classes for grades 1 through 8 for children aged 6 to 13. Secondary Schools offer Ontario children grades 9 to 12 for teenagers aged 13-18.

In Sarnia-Lambton, the public education system is further broken down into four school boards which oversee the distribution of funding received from the provincial government to the schools in their areas.

Public School Boards

Lambton-Kent District School Board
  • provides educational services to more than thirty elementary and seven secondary schools
Conseil Scolaire de District du Centre-Sud-Ouest
  • provides French-language education in over thirty-seven schools at elementary and secondary levels within Ontario.

Catholic (separate) School Boards

St. Clair Catholic District School Board
  • provides Catholic education in 30 elementary and three secondary schools.
Conseil Scolaire de District des écoles Catholiques du Sud-Ouest
  • provides French-language catholic education in twenty-one elementary schools, six secondary schools and a combined school from kindergarten to Grade 12 in Ontario.

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