Many members of the Syrian community in Canada want to sponsor family members to come to Canada but not all have the financial means. At the same time, many Canadians want to sponsor a refugee but do not know a specific refugee to sponsor. Immigration Refugees and Citizenship Canada (IRCC) partnered with Catholic Crosscultural Services (CCS) to help reunite members of the Syrian community in Canada with family members who are refugees but do not have the means to sponsor them.


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Settling in a new city or country may be difficult. Sarnia-Lambton offers settlement programs in both English and French that cover everything from finding a place to live to meeting new people in the community.

This video will help you get ready for your new life in Canada. It will explain some of the things you should do during your first two weeks in Canada to help make the transition easier. Topics include arriving at the airport, finding support at an immigrant-serving organization, getting government documents, opening a Canadian bank account and much more.

A wide variety of downloadable and translated information on immigration and citizenship, housing, health, employment, education, community, and legal services for newcomers to Ontario.