Currency and Sales Tax

Canadian Currency

Canada’s official currency is the Canadian Dollar ($). One dollar equals 100 cents (¢).

Coins come in six denominations. Each is a different size, shape and colour for easy identification.

  • nickel = 5¢
  • dime = 10¢
  • quarter = 25¢
  • dollar = $1.00 (known as the “loonie”)
  • two dollar = $2.00 (known as the “toonie”)

All paper money is the same size, but each bill is a different colour. The paper bills used most are:

  • $5 — blue
  • $10 — purple
  • $20 — green
  • $50 — red
  • $100 — brown

Currency Exchange

Although most establishments in Sarnia-Lambton offer fair U.S. exchange, to ensure the best rates it is recommended to convert money at:

Name Location Telephone Number
Blue Water Bridge Authority Currency Exchange Bluewater Bridge 1-888-529-0899 or (519) 337-3703
Casino Currency Exchange 611 St. Clair St. Point Edward (519) 344-7811
ICE Currency Services Canada 1455 Venetian Blvd., Point Edward (519) 336-0101


Currency can also be converted at any local bank.


Prices and Sales Tax

When shopping in Canada, you pay the amount marked on the price tag plus tax. It is not common in Canada to barter for lower prices. When you pay for the item, the tax will be added to the total. As of July 1, 2010, the Ontario government has combined GST and PST to produce the Harmonized Sales Tax (HST). One tax of 13% is now added to the price of all goods and services in Ontario.
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