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 Local Immigration Partnership 

About Us

The Sarnia-Lambton LIP is part of an Ontario-wide initiative funded by the Government of Canada through Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) and is led by the County of Lambton. Its purpose is to bring together the municipality and community partners to decide how to better provide and coordinate services and supports for the social and economic integration of immigrants and newcomers in this community.


The overall objectives of the Sarnia-Lambton LIP are:

  • To improve access to effective services that facilitate settlement and integration
  • To improve access to the labour market
  • To educate the community on the economic and social needs of immigrants and newcomers
  • To create a welcoming community and promote the inclusion of immigrants and newcomers in Sarnia-Lambton


Planning and Research Phase (November 2009 - November 2010)

During the first phase of the initiative a multi-sector advisory group called the Local Immigration Partnership (LIP) Council was formed to guide the LIP staff through this research phase of the project. LIP staff used community based research methods to assess the needs of immigrants and newcomers in Sarnia-Lambton and measure the community's capacity for service provision.

Community research led to the development of a Settlement Strategy. This report examines community-identified challenges and barriers to the successful social and economic integration of immigrants and newcomers and provides recommendations to address these challenges. These recommendations include 12 strategies which are organized by five priority areas of focus; employment, settlement, language & communication, coordination of services, and public awareness.

Implementation Phase (November 2010 - March 2016)

The purpose of the second phase is to implement the Settlement Strategy. An Implementation Plan that further breaks down the 12 strategies into action and implementation steps has been created to facilitate this process. The LIP Council and staff will continue to bring together key community stakeholders to collaborate with each other in order to fully implement the Settlement Strategy.